when a human being or other life form proactively seeks out another for sexual gratification.
I am on the prowl 24/7. Even at the DMV or a rest stop.
by Tha_Cuddla April 19, 2004
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When two single girls go head hunting for suitable suitors of the male variety, it may be out on the town, or down the local pub.
Amy and laura are going out on the prowl(usually pronounced PROOOOOOWL)!
by Divaaar November 15, 2006
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The most epicc Transformer in existence. Optimus Prime's second in command, Prowl is a highly skilled tactician and relies heavily on logic. He is a very useful Autobot to have during a battle. Many may see him as a jerk, but truly he is not. He's a badass.
Prowl is some form of police vehicle in his incarnations, mainly a police car, but he was a police motorcycle in Transformers Animated.
In fanfiction, Prowl is often given the nickname "Prowlie" or "Prowler." Most of the time he is not happy with such nicknames.
"Who is your favorite Transformer?"
"Why? He's a jerk!"
"No, he's just a badass."
by Clumsy Peg November 10, 2009
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An activity whereby one goes out to bars and hot spots looking for "prey" aka playmates, dates, hook-ups, etc.
Scarlett called Maggie on Friday afternoon and asked, "Hey, since we have no dates tonight, wanna go out prowling later?"
by scarlettleftthebuilding January 25, 2009
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A person, usually a woman, who is out looking for a male companion. She usually seeks a man with money, a nice car, and someone who pays for her drinks. Women can be on the prowl in packs, particularly in places like the club, at the mall, or on the streets. They often aggressively pursue their prey and will put it on them as soon as they are given the chance.
It seems like there are a lot of women on the prowl tonight. It looks like I'm getting lucky.
by Tiffany G. July 11, 2008
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Used to describe when a drunken individual (i.e. College male) is going out for the night solely with intention of getting drunk and finding someone to hook up with. This individual is not likely to care about the others looks, but is more interested in the easiness of the score.
Man 1: "Hey did you see John leave with Cindy last night at the party?"
Man 2: "Yeah, he was on the prowl last night, after getting turned down from Sarah he set his sights on Cindy"
by TheCowMan June 30, 2013
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