has the phattest juiciest badonkadonk ever. she's so georgeous all the boys are just in awe of her beauty and are intimidated by her. all the girls are extremely jealous of her and try to hate her to cover up their jealousy and saltiness. although she is absolutely stunning, she doesn't get guys often because they are too scared that she'll reject them. she has the most beautiful personality and physical features and is the sweetest and most caring human being you'll meet
man I wish I had a huge phat badonkadonk like chrissy
I want to be like chrissy so much it's unbearable
are you gonna ask out chrissy? nah I'm to scared she's gonna reject me
by yesno. October 16, 2020
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A girl who is a completly backstabbing person. Out of her two faces sadly they're both ugly. Also named a slut or a Whore.
She's such a CHRISSY.

Maybe chrissy shoud kill her self.
by KFC or Giggles May 26, 2009
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The name given to a fat girl. I've never met a skinny girl named Chrissy
guy #1:
Damn, did you see how much that fat bitch ate? Who is she?

guy#2: Chrissy
by spunkypunky August 26, 2008
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Drug user skank. Does every crack in the book. Has AIDS, blonde hair and chinq eyes. Leads you into bad things.
by Otter0583 April 28, 2010
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This is widely known as a girl's name. Chrissy is a person, who puts her friends and family problems first, then hers. she loves her friends. she tries to do everything and tries to best at it and sometimes it might not go in her way, but she won't give up. if your down, hearing a few words from her can truly calm you down and have a hope everything is going to be fine. She has a weird sense of humor and some people do find her amazing just the way she is. she tries to hide her emotions to the fullest, but her friends are always there for her. You might find her weird from the outside but when you come to know the true her, you will love and adore her. she sometimes does get jealous of things she never had hands-on. she tries to do her best in school. she loves her dear ones by annoying them and caring for them.
"bro, I miss Chrissy. I wish she was here to cheer me up and calm me down."
by chile anyways;) September 22, 2020
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A name occasionally used as slang to describe a person of incredibly obscure social standing and personality.
A Chrissy fits into no archetype of mainstream society, and cannot be placed accurately on any kind of social scale. Although difficult to understand at first, a Chrissy can become your best friend, and an amazing partner and lover. Chrissys observe from afar, and can understand or help with nearly any personal struggle.
A Chrissy is a confusing, delicate creature with a large heart. Don't let a Chrissy slip away.
Guy 1 - Dude, is that girl cool?
Guy 2 - Nobody knows, man. She's a Chrissy.
by FranzLiszt April 25, 2013
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