Very weird looking guy that’s has very large testicles. Always wanting another chance with the same girl over and over again. He gets really hyper when he drinks caffeine and thinks he gets all the girls. Overall Chrissy has big balls and beats his girlfriend.
by 4Skiin March 03, 2020
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Chrissy or Christie is prob short asf and lowkey a shnackkkk 😉 if u EVER walk by a chrissy in yo life dam boy u lucky as hell 😤 she’s prob taken by an R name ( ricardo etc ) she prob drinks bubble tea and will not hesitate to eat ur newborn puppy. After she takes 8 years to finish eating ur puppy she prob gonna throw up blood and walk out and leave u to rot and die alone in the basement of hell. She is most likely secretly a man underneath those baggy jeans of his/hers but no one really knows yet. 😳🙊 she is also a god at the science fair and will flex on u for it.💯
Boy1 damn who’s that shordy over there
Boy2 man idk i think her name is shawty
Boy3 nah bro das chrissy.. does she have a dollar in her purse doe?
by papi rea January 28, 2020
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a damn bitch who won't shut her mouth

Also chrissy: u shut yo ass up I don't wanna greet the new member
by jayden94992342983525 August 01, 2019
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