a girl who has bleach blonde hair and blue eyes
a girl who walks around in slippers
a girl who smokes marijuana and calls it "grass"
Melissa: Hey did you see that Chrissy over there?
Cody: Yeah she said she was smoking some grass......
Melissa: Oh............We Should Also Smoke Some Grass
Cody: Golly Gee! Sound like a plan! Deuces!
by iamzion August 25, 2011
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A Chrissy is a beautiful exotic girl. She is a tiny girl with a loud laugh that you grow to love. She always appears so happy and high on life. Guys fall for her without her knowing. As confident as she appears, she does have her own insecurities and self doubt. Chrissy is someone who finds the good in all things. She is kind hearted and will talk to anyone who will listen. Looking into her piercing brown eyes will make you fall in love instantly, and her smile will hold you down for a lifetime. Sex with her feels so much more than physical or mental, it feels spiritual. If you ever meet her, never let her go. She is the best thing that could ever walk into your life.
Wow, Chrissy is stunning!
by Doeabc123 June 12, 2019
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When you type so fast without paying attention, adding double the letter and even forgetting a letter.

This could also be referring to a girl named Christy whom gets upset at being called Chrissy. This girl is also one of the most wonderful people in the world and could definitely be the most important person in your life, she'll always be there to talk to whenever you need someone to rely on. She is the most perfect girl in the world and although she doesn't always seem to agree with this, it doesn't take away from the fact that it is the utter truth and always will be. In very special cases you'll find yourself extremely attached to her and will never want her to leave you as you both will want to spend your lives together, for as long as you live.

She may never even find this definition, but it's here waiting for her for you to show it to her or for her to discover it herself.
"Wow Chrissy is just the most perfect girl in the world!"
"Huh? You mean Christy?"
by Fraine April 05, 2019
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dude, chrissy is illegal. i want to go smoke a bowl of chrissy right now. deuces!
by Sr. Smo K. Lot November 13, 2007
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1) A very unconvincing transvestite.
2) Person who eats electrical appliances, sleeps on a bed of cabbage and enjoys rolling around covered in glue.
3) psychotic freak of nature
1) Oh my god, in can see your penis, you're a chrissy!
2) The damn chrissy ate my blender, thats the fourth time this week! And where are my cabbages?!
3) yeah they sent him to an asylum, he's such a chrissy.
by Chuck Norris Enthusiast February 05, 2006
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The name chrissy means she is loving and caring she will always be there for you and love haveing friends around
Chrissy is not an loner
by Vg McCool April 22, 2019
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A clumsy ninja, prone to acts of accidentally awesome self injury; doesn't just fall down the stairs, but down the stairs, through a plate-glass window, and into the swimming pool.
Jenn: I don't know why Chrissy won't send those crutches home, she isn't using them.

Lindsey: She will be soon enough, she's a clumsy ninja!
by The Real Don Quixote February 03, 2010
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