'you mean...Voldemort?'

by teenagedirtbaag August 11, 2012
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1. the sexual act involving the expulsion of ejaculatory in the shape of a lightning bolt onto the forehead of the beneficiary then killing their parents immediately afterward.

2. jizzing a lightning bolt on the forehead of someone, killing her parents then running away.
"Yo Ian, I just voldemorted some ho, now I gotta get to mexico", Laughed Ryan. "That's the fourth girl you voldemorted this week, don't expect a second date", retorted Ian.

"Now Voldemort that ho!" Solja Boy Tell 'Em
by Harry Plaugher October 21, 2009
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After a bad breakup, a person's ex 'who shall not be named'.
Dude, bro. I saw Voldemort at the club last night and she was grinding on all these dudes.
by HLAUSF February 17, 2015
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A.K.A. The Dark Lord, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, You-Know-Who, Tom Marvello Riddle.

A kinda evil guy that used to be fit but now is all weird and skeleton-y and has no nose.
Wow, I bet Voldemort would have looked great about 50 years ago when he had a nose.
by Ali24601 February 14, 2011
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A masochistic maniac who resorts to killing people in order to accomplish his task of finding immortality. His twin brother appears in Pan's Labrynth as the weird dude who eats kids. These two are from a pretty fucking messed up family.
Homo sapien 1: Voldemort is a really nasty piece of work.
Homo sapien 2: Wait until you see his brother.
by JKTrolling October 27, 2011
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of the tall pale and handsome variety, notorious gang-leader out of lil' hangleton, born "tom riddle." packing a 13 and half incher, yew wood, phoenix core. gang sign the serpent and skull. will not hesitate to bust a cap.
by Bassanio March 6, 2006
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An indirect way of saying to your mates that you want to sit on a lads face. Basically he is so fit that you would sit on his face and make him look like Voldemort - he'd have no nose left by the time you were finished.
"I'm going to Voldemort him tonight"

"I would Voldemort him all over!"

"There is going to be some Voldemorting taking place tonight!"

"Mate, the things I would do to Voldemort him"
by angorarabbit October 26, 2012
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