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to have an affair
The only place in the world where women overtake men in affairs is France, where 87% of women admit that they used to two-time a partner, either in a current or past relationship.
by Matijoe Pary Porfundo July 05, 2009
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Attending one function then leaving half way through to get to another function.
Bob: Are we going to Michelle's party?
Lisa: Yeah, we're gonna two time it with Jack's farewell.
by conchowino January 29, 2009
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when you dink a chick two times in a row. Splouge on her stomach and then throw it back inside.
by dirtysanchez July 25, 2003
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To tell someone they are doing and good job and keep doing what they're doing. Literally telling them to do it again.
"Thanks Renel, I've never seen my car looking so good. Two time bro."
by Tha Shizzit April 11, 2007
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minumim times you look at a police officer when seeing them on the streets , passing in traffic , or any other situation pertaining to police being involved
whys the one time make me look two times?
by Zachary kush July 31, 2006
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