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Predominately White Institution
Well there are HBCU's, which are Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and then there are PWI's, Predominately White Institutions.

Examples would be:
Ole Miss
Ohio State
by ChangedReality October 19, 2010
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Posting while intoxicated. Drunk ramblings on internet forums, message boards, and blogs.
Jimmy was on his blog at 3am pwi.
by Scott Grizzle December 04, 2007
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'Post(ing) While Intoxicated'. Posting on an internet message board while drunk or high.
Sorry to PWI but I couldn't waayt to tell you guys about the fuuun I hed tonight. I be taking vacation more offten.
by annieanon December 27, 2007
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stands for "peace wit it". a fly way of saying good bye to someone.
jack: im getting offline
ralph: pwi
jack: pwi
by howeduhn October 26, 2011
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PWI stands for Person Without Intelligence. IE: Somebody who doesn't think about what they are doing/writing.
"My neighbor is a PWI, he parties all night and blares loud music during the day!"
by DuesenburgGuy July 17, 2012
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Dude 1: Dude, where were you last night?
Dude 2: I spent the night in jail.
Dude 1: What the fuck did you do?
Dude 2: I got caught for PWI.
Dude 1: Where did you plank on?
Dude 2: On a cop car with the cop still in the car!

Dude 1: LOL...SMF!
by goliath92738 June 14, 2011
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Pipe While Intoxicated. to have sex with a girl while intoxicated via alcohol.
nigga #1: yo would you fuck that girl over there?

nigga #2: hell no negro, but i'd P.W.I.

nigga #1: haha helllll yeahhhh
by lord farkwad April 18, 2008
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