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A penis that is wider then the Length
Person 1: I heard Paul had a little chodeπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Person 2: I've seen it it's so small it was like 2 inches
by SamathaπŸ¦„ April 15, 2017
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A penis wider than it is long
My boyfriend wanted a hand-job but i couldn't get a good grip because he had a chode.
by kooli December 09, 2002
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Huntington Beach douche bags who wear Tap Out shirts and threaten to ultimate fight anybody who bumps into them at a bar.
by beejers October 28, 2008
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when your penis can touch all sides of a Tuna can without touching the bottom.
My oh my, look what he is doing with that Starkist can! He has a chode!
by andrew strong November 14, 2006
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A socially-impaired individual, particularly afraid of approaching and engaging in conversation with women he's attracted by; a wimp, wussy, lovable loser, chump, man lacking personality and social skills, very attached to the outcome of a pick-up attempt.
Donovan is such a chode, standing there with his drink, he should just go talk to those girls.

Don't be a chode, be a champ.

Instead of trying to remember pick-up routines and failing like a chode, he should just go have fun.
by Thracius April 05, 2009
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(1)The skin between your balls and ass
(2)The type of person who contributes to 80 pages of Chode definitions as though they have something relative to add which has not already been stated
I, along with 550 or so people, are a bunch of total chode(s).
by Some Choad October 20, 2010
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