Cocaine hydrochloride (powdered coke). Named after Justin Bieber, because he is white like cocaine.
"I just poured a 8th in a liter, got a white bitch sniffin' on Bieber" - NAV on Travis Scott's song biebs in the trap
by SomeoneTookMyPseudonymSMH February 12, 2018
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A very small penis, around 3 inches or less in length and circumference, like Justin Biebers penis.
Girl: "I was gonna give my new boyfriend a blowjob last night, but pulled down his pants and saw that he had a Bieber. I laughed and broke up with him immediately."
by bieberhasnoballs May 24, 2010
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A unit of measurement used to gauge the level of discomfort caused by hemorroids. Each unit is roughly equivalent to the pain and discomfort of watching a Justin Bieber video.
by Darwin Bonaparte June 1, 2010
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The worst insult in the history of worst insults!
Guy 1: I just broke up with my girlfriend...

Guy 2: Dude... you're such a Bieber...

Guy 1: Dude... we're done... that was mean, man...
by Meisamazingbejealous October 12, 2011
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A boy of zero talents.
Alex: That boy can't do squat.
Alexis: Yeah, he must be Bieber.
by Sophis March 6, 2011
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The act of throwing up because something is so horrendous.
If you've ever seen Jersey Shore, then you've probably Bieber'd or have come very close to Bieber'n.
by Zuthner March 3, 2011
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A teenage boy that doesn't hit puberty for a large amount of his life and has an extremely small penis.
by onjaonkrack November 6, 2011
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