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Donovan is the most caring person you'll ever meet, with a great big heart, but don't break it, because he will find it hard to trust again. It's easy to get close to him but hard to get past the walls he's built to protect himself from past pain. If you break through them, you will find a caring, hilarious, flirtatious in a non-creepy way, and wonderful to hang with. You will want to spend all your time with him and if he likes you (which as long as you are genuine kind, a caring, he will) he will never let you go through things alone and will always be there. He is good looking, but doesn't see it, as well as smart, and extremely witty. Spend enough time with him and you've been hooked because he is so loveable and no matter your personal circumstance you will always feel deeply for him and not want to lose him.

Don't hurt a Donovan, because he is fragile despite his calm and cool exterior. Once you've properly got to know a Donavan, you are set for life. He can be your boyfriend, best friend, friend, or like a sibling, just be straight with him and don't lead him on.

In conclusion, Donovan is smart, good looking, hard working, caring, loveable, helpful, and always there when you need him, as long as you are a good person- because he can sense a fake person a mile away. He is witty, funny, and up for anything- just don't be a dick to him because he has friends who will make sure you never speak a bad word about him again.
Person: I am feeling like there's no point anymore
Girl: Come and meet Donovan, he gave me the strength to carry on
by Mazzii96 January 05, 2019
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A dangerously attractive man. Someone you could only dream of being around. If one should find themselves worthy of his attention, consider it an honor. Donovan has a mind like no other. He can be best described as a mad genius, and sexual dynamo. He can also be considered analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, and precise. However, once Donovan finds you useless, consider yourself dead to him. He has little patience for absentminded, foolish people. Donovan is intellectually stimulating and wildly seductive. Good luck even getting close enough to know him.
Donovan is way too hot!

Donovan is the brains of this operation.

I'm so in love with Donovan.

I hope Donovan marries me someday.
by jnfvijns February 20, 2014
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A real ass nigga that is very athletic and could have a lot of bitches but chooses not to because he's looking for the right one. He wants to be the best at every thing and is a real cool dude to be around.
Look at the bro Donovan.
Donovan is a very intelligent young man.
by Donny Sosa March 15, 2017
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An attractive boy whom you know you shouldn't want but have to have. Usually a player and has quite a big ego. Really funny and usually cracking dirty jokes. Very athletic.
There go Donovan! I shouldnt want him but I have to have him!😻
by Del_baddie May 23, 2014
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The genius of the whole class. He may look hard on the outside, but kind once you get to know him. He's smart, kind, sweet, and trustworthy. You can rely on him to help you with anything. He'll tell you anything even if he's not suppose to; that is if he trusts you. If he has your trust and finds you worthy, consider it a great honor. However, if you mess with him or get on his bad side, you'll be dead to him after that. So if anything, get to know him better and try to be on his good side at all times.
I wish I could date Donovan.
Is that Donovan over there? He's really kind.
by Anime101 May 04, 2018
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Cute Funny Smart Amazing Loving Caring Doesn't Like A Lot Of People . Has A Big Dick Very Cool Annoying Nice . A Girl Has His Heart . A Very Special Person Cute Dimples ! This Girl Adores Him A Lot Doesn't Fight . Plays Ball Forever Playing 2k He's The Best Spoils His Girl And Everything
Donovan Is A Very Nice Person
by Kj Kidd December 17, 2013
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