Spanish word for 'gossip'.
"Cual es el chisme."
"What's the gossip."
by Otoniel January 8, 2005
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A story worth telling to all your friends; Gossip or rumors.
"Chisme! Tell us what happened with that guy last night!"
by TFS December 4, 2005
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Semen, sperm, cum, load, jizz, penis butter, man chowder, spooge, baby batter, jizzles, jizz-o-frizz, jism, spunk.
Lindsay didn't like the idea to get her face plastered with chism, instead, she 'd rather take it in her mouth and swallow.
by yomommaloveit July 11, 2008
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Homey1: "Yo i'm so extremely heated right now!"

Homey2: "Chismmmmmm"
by Jeremy April 19, 2004
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chick jism i.e. female ejaculate ( not urine)
Chism is vaginal squirting of a clear fluid caused by g-spot stimulation.
by Ms. Gush September 4, 2010
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Sexual act requiring very few supplies: a belt, a cup of icewater, grit, and determination. Beginning with Amazon Position the girl ties the belt around the man's neck while maintaining tempo. This continues with the belt getting tighter and tighter getting closer and closer to finishing. However the key is not to finish right away and to give in to the belt and pass out. As soon as he passes out the girl gets off and hits him with a good 1, 2. Slap to the left cheek and cup of ice water thrown at the right causing the man to bolt back into action! As soon as he wakes up she goes down on him to completion.
A yo dawg! Finally had a successful chism last night! Turns out ice water really does wake me up better than just tap water.
by Foddyfuzzbear August 1, 2018
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A very kind kid and is the best boyfriend yo will ever have
Chism you is hot
by chism80 October 13, 2020
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