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you do not define fabrico. fabrico defines you.
by TFS November 03, 2004
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Often confused with the word stoner, a pothead is one who's become obsessed with weed and thrives off it.
Liz's a stoner, at least she smokes in moderation. Not like Billy, he's a fucking pothead.. Did you see how red his eyes were during 2nd period today ?
by TFS February 19, 2005
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The "mid life crisis" you might get when turning 16, or another young age. Happens when you realize you are no longer Peter Pan, defender of adolescent bliss and are at some point in your life going to have to live all alone.
Girl: Excited about your birthday this sunday?
Guy: Not really.. I'm actually in a bit of a pre-life crisis right now.
by TFS July 20, 2005
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to add money into the "collection" for a group smoke session.
You gotta put in a few bucks to toke up, we've got plenty to go around though don't worry..
by TFS February 19, 2005
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An attraction of an erotic sense to the idea or act of sexual contact with dead bodies.
Betty hangs out at the mortuary every weekend.. I'm thinking she's a necrophiliac or something.
by TFS June 05, 2005
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Nazi Low Riders. A nazi skinhead gang that originated in prison, but is presently making it's way into the streets.
He's been down with the NLR ever since AB got locked.
by TFS December 21, 2005
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Piercing one's self in any area on the body with safety pins, needles, or other sharp objects for either the intense feeling of the pierce or for sexual reasons.
"hey, what are all those scars on your arm from?"
"oh, this one time i was bored in my english class.. so i went kind of crazy with the piercing play and stuck some safety pins through my skin"
by TFS July 10, 2005
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