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In order to play the game of Chicken Dick, two males must become entirely erect separated from one another (presumably by watching pornographic material), and once completely erect, they position each other's genitalia within view of the opposite person's. The first male to become totally flaccid foregoes the match of Chicken Dick.
Jeff- Hey bruv, wanna play Chicken Dick?
Sam- Nah ded, I'm gay.
by Jaden Chavez February 23, 2018
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having a dick like a neck of a chicken simular to the turkey dick
that chicken dicked son of a bitch just stole my girl and cornholed me!
by scott January 17, 2004
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Getting 'overly, stupidly, uncontrollably excited' about something or 'anything' for that matter, to the point that their reaction is seen as the equivalent of been turned on.
example 1
Bill: So Ted was headed home and on his walk he ran into a bunch of old bikes.
Mike: Oh fu*k!
Bill: Yeah, you should of seen Ted chicken dick.

example 2
Me: Frankie! we're going to the Park!
Frankie the Dog: Starts running around the apartment like an idiot, panting with his tongue out, drooling on himself, nearly pissing himself with his eyes bulging out of head
Me: Look at him Chicken Dick.
Tate: Jesus! just wait till we get his purple tennis ball out.
by Frank Asiago May 30, 2013
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when a guy comes on to a girl and teases her and tells her he wants her but when the time comes to make love or have sex he chickens out cuz he can't take the pressure cuz he's wanted her too long and figures he'll cum too soon
he told me he wanted me then all of a sudden he was a chicken dick
by wildnsmallwoman August 13, 2009
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To be cool or awesome, Fly, the best of the best
Gerald: "Hey Josh did you see Fred do that triple backflip?"

Josh: "yeah! What a chicken dick! ๐Ÿ˜„"

Gerald: "let's go fuck him!"

Josh: "WTF queer? No... Fag"
by chicken dick April 01, 2015
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