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The strip of skin between the base of your testicles and the opening of your anus.
I had an itchy thambi.
by scott July 19, 2004
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"...the only band that matters..."
The clash was one of UK's finest punk bands of the 70s. They are the only band that went from punk to rock (and had styles inbetween with ska, reggae, hip hop, and jazz) without anyone calling them fuckin sellouts.
by scott April 15, 2004
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A band from San Deigo that is very hard to describe. They really are a love em or hate em kinda group. They are more artinst than anything. Many say they are hardcore punks. Their music to be a is a train wreck. Discustingly beautiful. Just go listen to em.
Train wreck.Beautifuly discustng. Explosion.
by scott March 22, 2005
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Emo kids that can't have sex due to their overwhelming feelings of unhappiness.
Conner Oberst: "What's wrong dude?"

Chrise Carabba: "I'm sad because my girl dumped me because I was too sad to have sex with her"

Conner: "dude, emosexuality is a disease, you need help. I got help and now I'm not so sad, and I can get laid now."

Chris: "But, I just can't help it, I like being sad..."
by scott July 1, 2004
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amature at life
You are an amature at life
by scott January 21, 2004
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