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You whisk up some eggs, have her lay down and prop up her ass real high,
take a funnel and pour the eggs in her pussy, then fuck her, and you have just made her "scrambled eggs" aka PORTUGUESE BREAKFAST
Honey would you like breakfast? Today's special is Portuguese Breakfast
by scott August 14, 2005

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What you get when you click the Urban Dictionary quick search found in the firefox bookmarks. Check out your bookmark manager, and it'll tell you how to use it, They are just pointing it out to you. If you type "slang " and then whatever you want after the space, it will search that in urban dictionary.
Type into the address bar "slang whut" does not work in Internet explorer.
by Scott November 06, 2004

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Hacker slang for "Elite" shortened to "LEET" from "31337" wich is actually "ELITE".
That is some l33t r00tin you h4x0r!
by Scott August 28, 2002

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Someone who abstains from the use of animal products, hides or meat.
Joe - Try on these leather shoes.

Vegan - No thanks man. I'm a vegan.I don't believe in the killing of animals for the use of their hide, or any other purpose.
by Scott March 29, 2005

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A member of a sorority, usually from Long Island or Westchester County (or Bethesda, or Fairfax, or....) who drives a big SUV, talks loudly on her cell phone all the time about the stupidest things, wears sex pants (which come off ever Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at (add greek letters) fraternity. Shouldn't really be in college.
I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when a sorostitute in her land rover pulled out of her sorority house and hit me because she was talking on her cell phone, on the way back to Long Island.
by Scott September 27, 2003

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"...the only band that matters..."
The clash was one of UK's finest punk bands of the 70s. They are the only band that went from punk to rock (and had styles inbetween with ska, reggae, hip hop, and jazz) without anyone calling them fuckin sellouts.
by scott April 15, 2004

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a cheap version of sydney
man this place is worse than melbourne
by scott January 27, 2005

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