It means dead, only better.

It was made up by a genius, and is usually used in a situation where the speaker is not actually ded, but feels like they are, should be, or want to be ded.
Hannah: -ded-
Sarah: Why?
Hannah: Because I am ded.
Sarah: Why?
Hannah: -ded-
Sarah: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DED?! Dammit, now I'm ded.
Hannah: hahaha I made you ded.

Hot Guy: So I heard you have a crush on me?
Sarah: -ded-

Spanish teacher: *asks a long complicated question in Spanish*
Hannah: -ded-
by hai_bai November 1, 2010
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adj. Ded is when you are dead from joy, hilarity, sexiness, or other great feelings as such.

There is a large difference between ded and dead. Do not confuse the two.

The verb form is 'deds' or 'dedded.'
I dedded when that hawt dude walked in the room. On top of it, his pants were tight.

I will deds if you do a cape twirl.
by Gerardoz! February 20, 2009
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"You are D-E-D, ded!"
by Mick July 22, 2003
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Sending each other memes in till one of the participants "dies of laughter". So they are known as "ded"

Verb: "dedding"
Lmao I'm ded
by Fat midget February 4, 2018
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a way of saying dead but abbreviated to (ded)
origin comes from a MLG TF2(team fortress2) quote from heavy
"you are dead" it was soon people pronounced it ded and soon became that way now used as a meme
#MLG #YTP #meme
dude your DED
by urban ops January 27, 2017
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ded is the internet version of being dead.....but it sounds cooler.....

being ded is actively dying.........coming to an end.....

the movie script is sux....

if you are depressed and just ded are actively dead......

i'm ded.

she is ded.......

by #AlexisMason November 20, 2022
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When someone does or says something hella funny.
Girl 1: Yo how long was that stick thing again??
Girl 2: Oh my god I'm Ded
Girl 1: Seriously how long was it??
Girl 2: I don't know... Did it fit where it's suppose to go??
Girl 1: Yo your stupid
Girl 1: Thanks I really appreciate it.
by dxddy_bxtch April 20, 2017
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