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It means dead, only better.

It was made up by a genius, and is usually used in a situation where the speaker is not actually ded, but feels like they are, should be, or want to be ded.
Hannah: -ded-
Sarah: Why?
Hannah: Because I am ded.
Sarah: Why?
Hannah: -ded-
Sarah: WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DED?! Dammit, now I'm ded.
Hannah: hahaha I made you ded.

Hot Guy: So I heard you have a crush on me?
Sarah: -ded-

Spanish teacher: *asks a long complicated question in Spanish*
Hannah: -ded-
by hai_bai October 31, 2010
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People usually use this when something is really funny, embarrassing, scary etc
Paul: oh my god that meme has me ded
by Greyclouds August 15, 2017
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adj. Ded is when you are dead from joy, hilarity, sexiness, or other great feelings as such.

There is a large difference between ded and dead. Do not confuse the two.

The verb form is 'deds' or 'dedded.'
I dedded when that hawt dude walked in the room. On top of it, his pants were tight.

I will deds if you do a cape twirl.
by Gerardoz! February 20, 2009
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Word used when u see someone so hot u die, or can also be used as a lit word for death.
by ToodlesFW November 28, 2016
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