The typical definition of a chav is almost very certain to fix ideas in many heads.
For one, these can be recognised by their so called 'Bling' , the lowest of all jewellery that is available from many markets, Argos, Woolworths and others.

Their clothes. Picture a school kid, approx. 14 - 17, dressed in a wide range of 'top' brands of clothing. Burberry, not to mention the price, FAKES. Fred Perry, their designer sign in whole striped tops and their ancient £5 tracksuit pants or 'Trackies' with the noticable 'boulder burn' from the amount of Cannabis they smoke. And their trainers, tough old Rockports. Whenever did the name of Rockport, the expensive good brand which now is recognised as 'Chavvy'

Normally. They purchase old, wrecked cars from Metros to Escorts and take them to Kwik-Fit and use their benefits usually paying the bills on large alloys wheels. Their car, boasting a massive stereo normally a CD-Player with a wasteful, tasteless amplifier glued to the boot lid.

Their fashion for underage unprotected sex when under the influence of alcohol is not the only put down. They ruin the beer brands. And smoke, booze and end up dieing early.

Potencially found on alleyways infested with the smell or urine and excrement, drug tools suchas 'Buckets, bongs' and 'Joint stubs' , not to forget, the broken up WKD bottles and empty 'dogged' Vodka quarter bottles.

These are the most stupid, denied mixture of society you just feel like sending to an island with the occasional reptile and make them suffer.

Keep away you fools..
Dirty, dingy, boozing, drug-abusing and unprotected sex at 13...
by GregUKUK June 01, 2005
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Chav stands for : Council House And Violence - C.H.A.V

a term describing, a British version of what americans would called trailer trash. most commonly seen in full adidas sports tracksuits, and caps. Chavs also commonly wear, fake designer brands and therefore taint the image of these labels, e.g. Burberry Caps.

Notorious for petty crime, and domestic drug use - of course a massive generalization.
Alan 'Oi Dave, was you with them Chavs last week'

Dave 'Me! Hangings out with Chavs?! Fuck off mate! And anyway, i'm too fuckin busy with them shifts at Maccy D's'

Alan 'Yeh fairplay mate, ha, you a fuckin Chav never... Now pass me that wrench, this car's gotta stereo'
by GPSK September 08, 2010
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A label stupid, poor, lower class, trampy people gave themselves in order to fit into some kind of steriotypical group (because all the other groups reject them).

They live in estates, feeding off our taxes through benefits, which they spend on countless rings, thick gold chains, cigarettes and alcohol.

If it wasn't for the government these people would be homeless.

simple as.
Copper: You're under arrest.
Chav: What the fuck for?
Copper: Swearing at a police officer!
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 02, 2005
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an ever-growing population of people mostly from council estates. these are mostly 9-15 year olds who think they are gods gift to the world because they are 14 and already has had a child with their morbidley obese girlfriend who probably gave her boyfriends best mate a blow job for a fruit pastille. their main hangout spots are town centres and street corners where they harrass the elderly and the weak and think that this is cool. to attract the opposite sex, which is called a chavette, they wear far to much fake gold and silver which they most probably stole from a market stall at skegness, and wear baseball caps, fake tracksuits (you will find that these are mostly adidas, nike and TN) and and apply ridiculous amounts of cheap aftershave which has the distinctive smell of cat urine. when they have attracted a mate they will give their mate a gift to help their chances of sleeping with them, this is usually an alcoholic beverage (stella artois and cheap cider are highly common) they will then take them to a mating spot, popular spots are on parks and behind bike sheds at school. after this the female or "chavette" will live benifits for the rest of their life and get a council flat which the tax payers will provide, the chavette will then turn the flat into a hoar house and will bring a different chav home almost every night and will neglect the child, unfortunatly this will most probably result in the baby following in their parents footsteps. the chavs and chavettes have developed their own language due to the species being borderline illiterate and needing to form short words to replace others, e.g "blad" meaning friend, or "yard" meaning house, or in the case of the chavettes, council flat.it is likely that up to 90% of the chav population are unable to spell these simple words from their own slang. the chavs have branched off from their far more intelligent cousins; the football hooligans nearly the entire population of chavs are weak and only have a slight amount of bravery when they are with their fellow kinsmen, it is likely that if you get on of them alone they will threaten to shank you with a knife they pretend to have and then run off to their council flat and cry in fear of their lives until they are re-united with more chavs.
chavette yo blad wanna cum to my yard and ill tug u off 4 a stella?

chav no blad, im goin down the endzz wiv the crew to throw bricks at the old peoples home.
by lord loverocket June 01, 2009
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Derived from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, in full means Cheltenham Average. These sub-human runts have the burberry caps and addidas trousers tucked into red rebok socks.

But the worst thing about the Chav is that they have genitalia thus being allowed to procreate and birth new little runtish chav's. Soon like a cancer they will spread and take over the whole of England.

Too prevent prehaps we should ban fox hunting and leagalize chav hunting.
man, dude, homie, mate. All of which are acceptable, but the are said in there own little accent of which no one can hope to understand unless born into a chav household.
by Nick O'Hodrahn January 26, 2004
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A young adult aged 12-17 wearing and cap,a hoodie with hood up even though its broad daylight and he already has a cap on, adidas tracksuit trousers and has around 200 peices of jewlery from argos worth 5 pounds in total and thinks he is hard because he smokes, his pregnant girlfriend is only 13 and his cap has some lines called burberry but would run for his life if someone hit him because his fight scenario is "cmon then! (shove) cmon then! (shove) you startin!"
Crash course on how to speak chav
common catchphrases

cmon then!
you startin!
sort us a fag
by samdude 363 August 06, 2005
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From the French ‘Chave Act’ of 1217AD. In direct response to the Holy Roman Empire’s policy of over breeding among the evolutionary challenged (See ‘Missing Link), the 3 economic superpowers of Europe, (Germany, France and Britain) signed the ‘Act’ in an attempt to maintain ‘Pikey’ numbers within their states at a manageable level.

The basic premise was the rotational hosting of wars (See ‘Culls’) and distribution of ‘Social Diseases’ in order to regularly prune back numbers.

However, since 1945 the Act has fallen into disuse due to the excessive pressures of the Liberals (See STDs) and vain attempts to bring new regional partners within the Act to re-empower it have not been a success.

The net result is that levels are at an epidemic status and these bog dwelling, descendents of leper faeces are swelling out from their natural habit and invading ever social corner of the British Isles.
by Lord Palmerston January 13, 2004
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