A language spoken mostly in Britain.
It derives from the popular language of 'English' but due to the great difficulty of this language, has been modified so that words above 2 syllables have been wiped out, and replaced by a selection of new words.
Chavish is reknowned for its common use of the word 'fuck,' often used as an adjective, a noun, a verb, an adverb and a pronoun.
Chavish also requires that the first syllable of one's name is taken and has 'az' added onto the end, to form a new Chavish name, eg 'Baz, Gaz, Taz, Shaz etc...'
Language experts at the university of Cambridge have been trying for years to decode this language, investing millions into 'Project Chavish' though all to no avail.
Chav: "Yo shaz, hows yer fuckin' kid?"
Shaz: "Buzzin' like, what is you upto now Baz?"
Chav: Im fuckin going ter get meh dole money, like, Ill catch yer later innit."
Shaz: Yeah innit.
(The Chavs Depart)
by Jonny January 03, 2005
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The entry above omits to mention the adjectival form, 'chavish', which describes a person or thing with distinctly chavvy or chavesque characteristics.
Burberry and Vicky Pollard (from the telly) are chavish.
by anycon September 17, 2005
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