A supermini produced by Citroen. The manufacturing began in 1996 and stopped in 2003. Because it is a small and affordable car with low insurance, many people choose it as their first car. Despite the small engines in models such as Furio and Desire, they are still quite nippy and responsive, compaired to many similar cars. The engines vary from 954cc to 1587cc in the warm and hot versions VTR and VTS.

Unfortunately, Saxos have gained a bad reputation due to charvs installing fart pipes, electronic dump valves and snow shovelling body kits on them, driving around built up areas like twats. However, in the right hands this is a nice little motor, and the VTS version really is a perfomance car, despite some of the definitions here.
1. "Look at that charv farting in that Saxo"
2. "That Saxo is a nice little runner, good job it hasn't been ruined by a charv"
by LXK December 3, 2006
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A very handsome man.

Saxos usually spawn with a 18 inch penis.

Saxos usually come from the faroe islands

And are usually to the same gender
Hey saxo

Whats up


U gay?

by Saxolikessiblings June 25, 2022
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that young man with a burbery cap and rockports on ha broken down in his citoren saxo
by Me January 22, 2004
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Doing oral-sex to a man in Turkish slang
-... So, how was last night?
-It was awesome man! She's pretty good when it comes to saxo.
by tinyjellyfish May 5, 2011
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Very small French car that is usually driven by townies in England. They have terrible electrics, are very slow, lean a lot in corners and can barely outrun a Transit van. Yet the owners will try and race every other car on the road.
Does that kid in the Saxo really think I can be bothered to race him in my Porsche?

I don't care that your Saxo is quicker than a Mustang Cobra, it is STILL a little piece of shit!!!

*crunch* Oooops, I think I squashed another Saxo.
by GuyWhoLikesGoodCars May 13, 2004
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Citroen Hatchback car, replaced far superior AX. Driven by lowlifes such as Chris Smyth who think that it is a high performance car when in fact it can barely outrun a bus. Often seen in Tamworth.
Ive just got a new stereo for my Saxo
by oracle February 6, 2004
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An uneducated sack of worthless crap. Also see "retard", or "retarded"
My god. Look at that! It's a Teh Saxo.
by Vesebleghjjf December 25, 2008
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