Chauncy has many meanings. It was first introduced into American pop culture as a typical name for a chaufer like the name Jeeves. Chauncy morphed into various expressions that have become staples to the urban jargon we often hear everyday. Chauncy: A person who can be labeled a "mental midget" or simpleton; a flim flam who tries to leach off of others; to describe something that is silly; lacking substance, or mildly unfortunate such as a cashed bowl, or no vanilla soy milk left in the container for your morning coffee.
"Man, that last rope off the bong really pushed me over the edge." "Man, let me catch a hit next." "You will have to hold on a second. I have to pack another bowl. This one is chauncy."
by Bib Fortuna June 1, 2007
a person who takes pictures of themselves using dildoes
Hey did you hear that mike is a chauncy?

No gross.

yeah he has a collection of dildoes.
by john to the b June 8, 2007
1. a half emo pig dog. seen in the chauncy comics.

2. a yellow furry puppet that wears a top hat on the mtv2 show wonder showzen.
1. (girl) "hey chauncy, wanna go to the mall with me?
(chauncy) "get the fuck away from me you stupid ho."

2. (chauncy) "oh no kids! theres gonna be a rumble between the numbers and the letters! dont worry, ill stop it with my HIPPIE POWER!"
a person who is NOT to be trusted w/ any of your stuff, don't believe them at all, they are not reliable, and probably, if trying to sell you a car would give you a jenky ol car that wouldnt last 500 miles
as in "yo that's that chauncy custy ass scandalous beyotch over there" "that monucka's trying to step on my toes..."
by eldice' September 28, 2006
1. General purpose noun much like wodie used mostly when describing animate objects. AKA people, animals, llamas
2. Can be used as a term of endearment, a greeting, or an insult depending on the context
3. Usually preceded by the word fucking

Brought to the Ingerhood by a certain Dutch Hog
"Alex, you fucking chauncy!"
"What up you fucking chauncy?"
by Reuthermonkey May 1, 2003
A man with oddly shaped nipples that are extremely hairy.
Man I hate goin with Austin to the beach because he scares all of the action away with his chauncy nipples.
by titsmcgaffney December 11, 2009
A word used to describe anyone who in fack has lips that hang below thier chin.
by Urine Stain December 2, 2003