How a person from the Boston/New England area says the F word.
by D-Bizzle January 11, 2004
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Used as a replacement for the word "Fuck," most notably in the Eminem song "Fack".
"Fack, fack, fack. I am, I'm going to cum.

Shove a girbil in your ass through a tube - ew, ew, ew, ew"
by Madcow1041 September 25, 2006
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A way of saying fuck in online games and chat rooms so that it won't get censored but everyone still knows what you mean.
<Bob> f%*k you
<Joe> You mean "fack you"?
by Snoop Doggie Dogg January 3, 2005
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This is the word used by eminem to use in a sentence where you cant say fuck.
Lawyer: Did you kill him?
Tommy: Narr i didnt facking kill him mother facker.
by Sugar thug November 6, 2009
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for a woman to stick her finger up your ass after sex.
by fack-a-holic! June 30, 2009
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A certain way of pronouncing the word "fuck".

May be confused with the swedish word for locker. Has happened a few times :/

-Would you like a big fack or a small fack?
by buv September 27, 2006
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