A person who is seen as an emo, but who really isn't. They have skinny jeans and eyeliner, but DO NOT cut or cry themselves to sleep. They tend to be very inteigent and nicer than most. They like to wear an almost normal amount of color and stick to the general rule of being nonconformist. They're usually shy.
Kid 1: Ewwww, it's that one emo kid from my english class
Kid 2: No, he's just a half emo
by DuckyDeanna November 4, 2007
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Someone that is:

1.listening to emo music but that doesn't look like one.

2. looking like a emo bu...ah you get the point don't you?

A half emo is someone that isn't emo in the fasion, music and "mood" way at once but maybe just one or two.
-Oh, look at Erik, he is listening to this emo music ya know, but he doesn't dress like one, what an half emo he is.-
by Erik Andersson December 18, 2007
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