"friend or partner" ... used by Juvenile from Cash Money Records
Holla at lil' wodie if you want that oscar mayer.
by Boomer June 22, 2000
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also abbreviated to wo'
It is derived from wardie, someone from one of New Orleans' wards, 9th ward, 7th ward, etc.
hollah at lil wo'
by Bloen October 19, 2003
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friend or good comrad; popular in the southern urban communites and prison. (originally wardie, evolved in late 90's)
What it do wodie, lets pull some boppers and get this krunk juice tippin
by Matty V July 28, 2006
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friend, road dog, roadie, homeboy, homie. Specific to New Orleans and immediate environs, of uncertain origin. Possibly derived from the New Orleans customary greeting of "Whoa, now!" Others theorize that the term may be a corruption of "wardie", i. e. someone who comes from the same ward or neighborhood of New Orleans. Possibly spread to other regions of the country through rap music.
He was riding with his wodies.
by Jdoggtn May 29, 2006
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Orginating from prison culture in the south, "Warden", was shorten to "war-day". Used to signify friend as well show respect.
"You got my back, wodie?
by Pate May 3, 2005
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You wanna wodie? Well let's wodie. Or: Hey, do the wodie. Damn you wodied the shit out of that.
by Elder High July 31, 2011
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Adjective describing a group of self-aggrandizing, frat douchebags who support UK sports and wear jorts while making fun of others for wearing them. Their only sexual outlet is a website bearing this name followed by the string "crew.com". It's actually very sad. TMFS.
"Hey that GYERO is wodie! Really? Umm...no"
by Adrian_B_East_Side January 6, 2008
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