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when you insert pvc pipe into someone's ass and roll matchbox cars down it.
I just gave my brother a saigon subway, and then we made out.
by john to the b March 24, 2007

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Very complicated but first you need to put on a rain coat, then you'll need a kiddy pool, and of course the fattest, whitest chick you can find. After that you fuck the fat bitch in the pool. Now for the coup de grace, you kick her in the throat and listen to her moan and make whale noises, and finally you get the fuck out of there!
Rick: I went spearing the whale yesterday and i totally pwned that fat cunt.

Rob: Dude that's fucking disgusting.

Rick: I'll fucking kill you.
by john to the b February 07, 2008

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First you need a bottle of tequila. preferably Jose. proceed to drink at least half. plus as much beer as you can find. go out with the hottest girls you can find but DO NOT touch them whatsoever. once intoxicated pretend to be blind act as retarded as you can. once all of your alcohol supply is gone then you should make your journey home. never take the shortest easiest route. start as many fights as you can along the way and when you finally make it home be sure to piss on your roommates' couch and eat all of their shit. repeat weekly
Levi: oh shit we got the deal again last night
John: are you fucking kidding me?
Denzel:What's the Deal?
John and Levi: Fuck you D
by john to the b September 20, 2010

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a person who takes pictures of themselves using dildoes
Hey did you hear that mike is a chauncy?

No gross.

yeah he has a collection of dildoes.
by john to the b June 08, 2007

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A dog faced girl that you probably matched with on Tinder
Yeah some doggo from Tinder is coming over. She said she's down with the crew if you want to hang around.
by john to the b November 28, 2015

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