A slang word used to refer to a friend who is a backstabber, not a good friend, or just a really sneaky, slimy type of friend or acquaintance. In other words, a fake friend. The word originated from the 1993 movie Menace 2 Society, in which the lead character has a fake friend named Chauncy who sets him up and snitches.
Guy A: "Yo man, I don't care if she was your girl, she says I taste better fool."

Guy B. "oh hell naw, you acting like a real Chauncy right now!"
by CJPattaya2 October 11, 2010
Chauncy just drained another three.
Yeah, he owned the glove again.
by 8088 September 6, 2005
The name 'Chauncy' or 'Chauncey' originates from France and is usually gender anonymous but typically is given as a male name opposed to female. Chauncy can also refer to something as being risky and or unpredictable, however chauncy is the english pronunciation for the word chancy
"I dunno about you Frank, but going into that deep dank underground filled with blood thirsty Zombies seems a bit chauncy if you ask me."
by ApexofReason May 9, 2009
Not only a derogatory name for your friends (Closely Resembling "Bitch" or "Punk") It is also a state of being, a way of acting or carrying oneself that causes your friends to question if YOU ARE IN FACT STILL A TRUE MAN.
As a name: You are a fucking chauncy, just walk it off...

As a reference to behavior: Q: You wanna drink beer and light things on fire?
Chauncy Answer: No, I am (a) tired OR (b)gonna spend time with my girl....
Either if these answers and actions are red flag warnings that your friend may be falling into A STATE OF CHAUNCY.
by Drink Till U Drop May 13, 2009
I had never heard this word untill someone called Mark Delucas a Chauncy and i have found out some iformation on it so here is the definition:

1. Someone who is very rude.

2. Someone who changes their personality around differnt people.

3. Someone named Mark Delucas.
1. Sir, you are a fucking chauncy.
2. Mark Delucas is the biggest chauncy alive.
by Nicky D. June 22, 2004