Extremely low in quality or base in thought, specifically used in the ghetto to replace "ghetto" as an adjective
"Ronald's car is jenky." NOT: "Ronald's car is ghetto."
by Vitamin G October 2, 2003
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def 1) A product that is sub standard and is usually of the poorest quality or considered low rent.

def 2) Something being just plain stupid, idiotic or wrong.
1.)Larry was wearing the jenky shoes he bought at the thrift shop.

2.)OJ trying to get back his memoribilia was the jenkiest idea he's had in a while.
by bukkake the porno clown November 2, 2007
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A negative description of somebody, someone you can't trust.
Yo! you gotta keep a eye on him he's straight up jenky.
by Metro-LA September 30, 2005
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Referring to inferior or just plain whack quality. Often times said when performance, appearance, or smell is affected by the poor quality.
This orange shit is jenky yo!!!
by tucan.slayer March 1, 2009
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jenky as in when u cream your jeans and it all comes out jenky
man i made a huge jennnnnnnky
by suck it March 19, 2005
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Sometimes used to describe poor quality meat.
"Damn this meat is straight up jenky, what is is?"
"Oh that's a sausage"
by jenkysnag February 2, 2016
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That was jenky of melissa to sleep with janets boyfriend.
by shequisha March 11, 2007
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