A Chaud Ch-aw-d, is Guam's equivalent to an American Redneck.

A type of person or lifestyle

by rokiivery November 23, 2007
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wherein the length of the male genetalia is infact of greater width than length. A real chaud, should one be so unlucky as to see one, looks remakably similiar to a hockey puck or a miniture tractor tire. Those suffering from an inwardly collapsing scrotom, must take careful measures to keep their chaud syndrome in balance. I recommend atleast 3 tablespoons of confectionary sugar daily, and as much crystal meth as one can get one's hands upon
Wow, I smoked too much meth today.
by Cronathan Smokesalot January 22, 2004
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A chaud is a penis that is fatter than it is long
A penis that could be 4" long but 6" wide
by alex March 20, 2005
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A French word for hot. It can be used to describe something hot, literally. But also something that is cool. (The word is usually used in a Dutch-speaking environment)
scen 1
A: Hey B, do you know how many degrees it will be tomorrow?
B: I don't know man, all I know, is that it's gonna be chaud.

scen 2
A: Fête was wel chaud gisteren.
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