When British Asians think they're cool and edgy believing it to be 'Chat and Banter', even though 'Chanter' means absolutely nothing.
Hahaha, look how chanter he is!
by chanterinnit July 6, 2021
Chanter can be used in two circumstances.

1) Banter that is used around Christmas time or in Christmas terms.

2) Banter used in terms of Chundering (i.e. vomitting after consumming alcohol)
1) Harriet: "Oh that Christmas Carolling was immense. Your singing was as bad as a whale Briony!"

Briony: "Oh thanks!"

Amelia: "Ooohhh Chanter!!"

2) (After finding vomit in the sink...)

Harriet: "Who can't hold their drink!?..... my mum could do better than that!"

Briony: "Oooohhh Chanter!!"
by SantaClaus2012 December 20, 2011
1. The pipe on all of the bagpipes in the world that has the finger holes on it.

2. For the Scottish Highland bagpipes/Irish Warpipes, the chanter (or practice chanter) is used to learn the basics before taking on the full instrument.
1. The chanter on the Highland pipes sounds close to that of the Spanish Gaita.

2. One must never stop playing the practice chanter as long as they play the pipes.
by Erik August 18, 2004
DAOC nickname for 'Enchanter' - an overpowered uber hib class, who's focus pulling negates the need for regular balanced groups.
Bard: you guys going to fins?
Hero: naw - they have 4 chanters, 2 bards, a shade and a warden...fucking gimped focus pulling group >:|
by Lloth July 27, 2003
A combination of chat and banter, divided into three classes, much like illict drugs- A, B, and C class chanter.
C class chanter- generally hung over dribble
by Field Marshal Chanter the Fourth September 20, 2003
This is an expression used in Quebec, Canada. It means "to flirt" (with someone).
Ben, je t'ai vu avec elle hier soir au bar en train de chanter la pomme.

Rough Translation: I saw you with her last night at the bar in the middle of a huge flirting session.
by MaiCecile March 9, 2009