If you meet a Briony never let her go. Briony is the best kind of person. She will be loyal to you and falls in love quickly. She thinks of herself as a princess and has such a beautiful smile, but is also prone to times of sadness; sometimes for no apperent reason. Don't let this put you off... she's worth all the time and money you spend on her.

Warning: You will fall in love with a Brionys' personally quickly, get saving for that engagement ring or bff bracelet early!
"I wanna marry that girl. She's such a Briony"

"We're such amazing friends already!" "That's what happens when you meet a Briony"
by CAH♥️ July 3, 2017
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a beautiful girl, who is kind and trustworthy! she is a gun at netball and a babe in general!
wow babe as! yeah that's a briony!
by briiiiiiiony July 12, 2011
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A small girl , who is extremely cute and funny and loves to make youtube videos
look at that cutie, thats defiantly briony!
by ilybriony July 6, 2011
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Beautiful, friendly person who is Pauls Bestest Friend(In the Whole World!)
You are a Briony! You are Beautiful and Friendly! You are Pauls Bestest Friend!! In the Whole World! Even Better than Ross haha
by Briony And Paul February 14, 2005
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Briony is the name of an angel. She is amazing and you can't even compare her to yourself. She is a great dancer, amazing at running and can be really crazy. All Brionys will be born in a year ending with 6 otherwise they are a demon. Briony is a great person though her has a secret she will never tell anyone. she can be crazy and funny on the outside but inside she thinks dark thoughts and has been through a lot. Her friends will be like her refuge and her friendship is so strong that you will never be able to let her go.
OMG briony always looks so happy, I wish I could be like her.
by Demon days June 4, 2019
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A person who thinks they're pretty/smart/fashionable/the best but they are actually far from it. In short, an idiot.
Person 1: Hey, that girl says she's the prettiest in our school. What a Briony.
by Lady-Loveheart July 4, 2009
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Brioni • Meaning both the nicest and meanest person you will ever meet . BRIONI is a caring person but can be very cruel and petty when needed . Very accepting , nurturing , and sweet but can also be very mean , harsh and vulgar . Can be a heartbreaker if things aren't going too well but can also make you fall in love forever . Always catches the eye of the opposite sex .
Very attractive .Unapologetically themselves and will never be someone else . Very wise and trusting . Is a fighter and lover . Loves music and Partying .
Hey Brioni
by Multi-mixed_Kween July 29, 2018
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