It’s ‘with’ in French. Used by random retards on the internet as a more dramatic ‘with’.
He went to Canada... avec my car!
by Cringy7yearold June 21, 2019
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(French) literally: "with love"; lovingly, affectionately
She signed the letter, "Avec amour, Annie"
by CACAEC February 15, 2015
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French for "with the animals". It usually means "to have sex with animals that are not human".
"I did my dog."
"You mean did it avec les animaux...? ew."
by Yamini December 20, 2005
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Similar to skillage in the village, but if you want to be even cooler you say Skillaage avec mon villaage - the french version.
Wow Daisy that bottle flip was legit! Talk about Skillaage avec mon villaage!
by aesthetic turtles February 1, 2019
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How to say 'French kiss' in French.
This means literally "To kiss with the tongue", which is the standard definition of a French Kiss. This is unconjugated. You should conjugate it when you use it. See the example.
Nous baisons toujours avec nos langues.
Ma petite amie et moi baisons avec nos langues.
Baiser avec la langue is the base form.
by The Greece in the Pink May 19, 2009
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some guy goes up to a girl and says voulez-vous coucher avec moi? *5 seconds later* he gets slapped
by josue March 15, 2004
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An idiot way of saying "voulez-vous coucher avec moi". Said by Lil Wayne on Swizz Beatz's song "It's Me Bitches".
"Voulez-vous voucher avec moi? Bitches?"
by 2Gun Vegas July 29, 2008
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