Aussie slang for vomiting.
Guy 1: Oh mate I drank so much last night I've been chundering all morning!
Guy 2: That sucks a hairy ballsack, bro.
by Mortilith November 24, 2011
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Chunder means to be sick, it originates from old seafareing days when sailers would get seasick and stick their head out of the porthole in their cabin. As they did this they would shout "Watch Under" to warn people in lower cabins of the forthcoming puke. Over the years this has evolved in Chunder.
Peodophiles are sick, they make me want to Chunder!
by Pinkbum May 13, 2004
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To throw up violently - as described in the viral video hit "Gap Yah". Usually, the recounting of such a "chundering" will be punctuated by a great many less-than-savoury details on the subject.
"Yesterday, I was led out onto the parade ground... and then I just CHUNDERED EVERYWHERE, we'd been on the lash the night before."
by -God....... April 15, 2010
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Adj: Similar to chunder, but a word to describe the trigger. Often said in a sarcastic tone.

Usually meaning feeling ready to be sick, or an object that would make you want to be sick if you saw it.
Andy: Did you see that documentary where the mother bird regurgitated that food, I felt so sick!

Kev: Yeah, was totally chunderful.


Dave: After heading out on a pub crawl last night, I woke up this morning feeling absolutely chunderful!
by beerlover October 20, 2007
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When one has too much alcohol in the stomach so they get sick and throw up.
"Oh hey there Jimmer. Why are you throwing up on my flowers?"
"Oh sorry Goby. I really have to chunder."
by smitstain April 8, 2019
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Being sick and vomiting. I believe it originates from "watch under", for when someone vomits from an elevated location.
I'm not going to be the designated driver while barhopping anymore; people keep chundering in my car.
by Two11two March 7, 2007
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To do with vomiting or feeling sick at the sight of something
Her dress is chunderous
by oh_gabe December 28, 2005
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