1. A nickname for anyone who looks like a vegetable (ex: their hair sprouts out of the top of their head), or someone who shoves and hides vegetables up their ass.
2. If this person wears glasses, they could called "veggie vision"
by apr1l1 June 7, 2020
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Dammit, man- I was going to have a barbeque but all my friends went veggie.
by Hugh Jass February 7, 2003
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a wedgie in a woman's jewels

Vagina + Wedgie = veggie
these pants are tight, they are giving me a veggie
by Seattle Goob May 5, 2008
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n., a cutesy way of saying vegetable
"Star-eagle, be sure to eat all your veggies!"
by roger the fabricator February 6, 2004
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A wedgie that occurs in the vagina.
"The crotch in these shorts is giving me a phat veggie"
by Carleywarley June 26, 2007
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