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Emilia is the type of girl to make you laugh, and feel happy around. She's always in a upbeat and happy mood, so she'll never let you be down. She's caring and she'll listen to your problems if you need it. But she always likes to be treated with respect that she surely deserves. Emilia overall is just a great girl and if you ever meet one, be nice and she'll probably be friends with you
Wow! Emilia is so nice!
by Thebestman112 September 22, 2016
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Emilia is a shy, but beautiful girl. She’s the type of girl who doubts herself all the time, even if she’s perfect. She constantly beats herself up, even though she doesn’t show it. A lot of people think she’s weird, but once you they to know her you’ll understand she only seems weird because of how anxious she gets around people. Show some love to Emilia :)
Hey that girl is weird
Oh that’s Emilia
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Emilia is the type of girl that people want to be around. They are cute and have a great sense of humor. Emilia's can be shy sometimes, but they will always have your back.
"Who IS that girl?'
"Oh thats an Emilia."
by xwutey220 April 07, 2017
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Emilia is the type of person who cares about people unconditionally. She loves with all her heart and soul. Emilia is strong in every way possible, she uses her voice to stand for what is right, and she doesn’t take no for an answer. She will make you laugh the hardest, smile the wisest and love with everything you have. Emilia can be both an introvert and extrovert so you must care with her in different styles. She has the best style, so you will always be stealing her clothes. Keep Emilia with you through life, she will always be there to listen or dance around when a boy breaks your heart, but all in all she will always give you the best advice. She kicks ass in every way possible, because she is just that cool! That’s why you love her.
“Who is that? Her style is next level
“Emilia is so beautiful inside and out
“Whoa that girl is so strong minded and she is using her voice for good”
“She must be an Emilia”
by My girl 26 December 31, 2018
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The kind of girl who everyone loves. She's stunning and is always lovely. She has a cute face and a great body. Normally she originates from Italy or Spain.
Girl 1 'Wow look at that girl , doesn't she seem amazing?'
Girl 2 'Yep, she's definitely an Emilia'
by Blablabla. September 09, 2010
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A cute, sexy girl who has boys acting all manly around her. Always cares for friends an family, and will forever love muffins.
Wow, Emilia is looking super cute today!
by JumpyBurger9 January 11, 2015
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Emilia is an italian girls name. Usually Emilia's have sexy asses and a cute face. Always makes people laugh, and everyone loves her. She has a love attention and attracks boys. Words don't effect her because she knows who she is. She has a few close friends but lots of friends all together.
Person 1: Wow she has a nice ass!

Person 2: Yep, Thats Emilia ;
by WhyHiThere October 13, 2011
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