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Catia, SEXIEST, HOTTEST, AND PRETTIEST GIRL ON EARTH ! every time a guy looks at a girl named Catia they will jizz their pants, shit their pants, pop one everytime they see her. No man can stop from doing this because a girl named Catia is the #1 HOTTEST, SEXIEST, AND PRETTIEST GIRL ON EARTH!!!
Dude#1: Omg, its Catia !
Dude#2: Were gonna jizz and shit our pants soon .
Dude#1: Bro, i just seriously jizzed and shit my pants !
Dude#2: Me too ! :(
by CEBLCCM November 14, 2011
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Catia is gorgeous, funny, smart, hot af, super kind, probably rich and talented. Usually people envy her because she is so beautiful and everybody loves her and if they don’t, they want to be her. Catia is literally the hottest, most beautiful and elegant girl in the entire world. Also, great kisser and amazing in bed, best girlfriend you could ever have too.
Basically, she is everyone’s dream girl.
“There comes Catia, omg I can’t breathe
Holy shit she is getting more and more beautiful each day”
by onikamanjijj August 28, 2019
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