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Catia, SEXIEST, HOTTEST, AND PRETTIEST GIRL ON EARTH ! every time a guy looks at a girl named Catia they will jizz their pants, shit their pants, pop one everytime they see her. No man can stop from doing this because a girl named Catia is the #1 HOTTEST, SEXIEST, AND PRETTIEST GIRL ON EARTH!!!
Dude#1: Omg, its Catia !
Dude#2: Were gonna jizz and shit our pants soon .
Dude#1: Bro, i just seriously jizzed and shit my pants !
Dude#2: Me too ! :(
by CEBLCCM November 14, 2011
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Catia is an ugly, mean, girl. The fakest bitch EVER. She’s also a lair & a lame ass bitch. Nobody likes her. She’s thirsty, and gross in the worst way possible. She would do anything for attention and she’s a fucken hoe, she is a broke ass bitch. She is a damn psycho.
Girl: “Yo never trust a Catia.”
Guy #1: “I know right I’ll never ever trust a Catia.”

Guy #2: “Man, that Catia hoe is probably a fucking prostitute at night.”
by Yuhhhhalreadyknoooww June 30, 2018
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