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Catia, SEXIEST, HOTTEST, AND PRETTIEST GIRL ON EARTH ! every time a guy looks at a girl named Catia they will jizz their pants, shit their pants, pop one everytime they see her. No man can stop from doing this because a girl named Catia is the #1 HOTTEST, SEXIEST, AND PRETTIEST GIRL ON EARTH!!!
Dude#1: Omg, its Catia !
Dude#2: Were gonna jizz and shit our pants soon .
Dude#1: Bro, i just seriously jizzed and shit my pants !
Dude#2: Me too ! :(
by CEBLCCM November 14, 2011
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Fakest bitch ever. Don’t ever trust or fuck with a catia. (Her name doesn’t deserve to be capitalized) She uses people for money and clout! She’s broke as fuck, she can’t afford shit. She always needs everything handed right to her. She’s such a lame. Usually cuts herself for attention and is flat as fuckk. I would hate to have a catia in my life!!!
Guy #1: “catia’s a fuckin slut”
Guy #2: “I know right, she’s so damn worthless too”
by Yuhhhhdigggggg August 17, 2018
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Catia is an ugly, mean, girl. The fakest bitch EVER. She’s also a lair & a lame ass bitch. Nobody likes her. She’s thirsty, and gross in the worst way possible. She would do anything for attention and she’s a fucken hoe, she is a broke ass bitch. She is a damn psycho.
Girl: “Yo never trust a Catia.”
Guy #1: “I know right I’ll never ever trust a Catia.”

Guy #2: “Man, that Catia hoe is probably a fucking prostitute at night.”
by Yuhhhhalreadyknoooww June 30, 2018
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