Like saying "seriously" with added emphasis.
When Susan started disrupting the party I said "just seriously....that girl needs to stop"
by procrastinator 316 November 23, 2013
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When someone says something that they want to admit but not really but they still think it and they kind of want you to know that they are serious
Freddie: dude that girl is hott... I want to hit that shit
Chris: dude that's my sister
Freddie: I'm just kidding... but seriously
by Chirs Irving October 17, 2006
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On December 23, you must cease all arguments, memes and conversations about furries. This ropes in anti furries, too

Seriously just shut the fuck up about beating furries or being a furry and partaking in these god awful days
"ewww furry art, go kys"

"Careful, you aren't allowed to talk about furries on Shut the Fuck Up About Furries Seriously Just Shut the Fuck Up day"
by anonynonmous December 19, 2020
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