a term, when combined with the word hoes, that means something that is at the top level of its league
Yo, that Red Sox game was cash money hoes.
by Ben Swanson September 10, 2003
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Money; the kind that folds, not jingle.
Mang, I dropped a grip on that new E Class. Hundred fifty cash money
by britney s. September 13, 2006
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a group of 5 individuals that are clearly cash money, mermaid, akate, cash, colester and prima. dont mess with us we will have a cash money dance party that will cramp your style yo.
money cash money cash tannerss
you know those girls, they are CASH MONEY!
by xtina cashhh January 21, 2008
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Used by Macedonian Orthodox to describe assets other than obvious artifacts within their culture, i.e. "cash money" is what is locked in the safe and not kept in the open.
He stole some vodka, got drunk, and when he couldn't find the cash money he lit the church on fire to cover his trail.
by Jetlxix January 13, 2007
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To talk an unbelievable amount of crazy nigga bitch shit
Yo B, I heard your boy talking some real Cash Money Shit about your moms cuh
by CR7 Recon September 16, 2013
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The total income or profit from dealing cannabis to customers, usually in ally ways.
"Hey bled, how did the dealin' go?" "Mate it was as usual. The cocaine sold well, but look at the marijuana cash money!"
by Nobski May 21, 2015
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It’s basically when someone does or says something that’s not nice, or that wouldn’t pass the vibe check
Person 1: bro Sarah just said I look like hot steaming garbage! :(
Person 2: that’s not very cash money of her

(No offense to all the Sarah’s ( ´▽`)
by Leaha;) August 26, 2020
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