A term used to define something as very positive.
"That is so cash money"
"That football game last night was cash money"
by victoria seaward May 23, 2007
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“That wasn’t very cash money of you”
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by Ok_jasminz April 05, 2019
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when cashing the ashes from a bong or a pipe you could say that it is cash money
Stoner 1: *picks up a pipe* Is this still going?
Stoner 2: nope I just ripped it, it’s cash money
by itbeet June 17, 2020
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That's not CashMoney of you bro...
Yeah thanks that's really really CashMoney of you...
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by Nigeriaboi123 September 09, 2020
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1. When Life shouldn't be like that but it do
2. Cool
3. Money in the form of bills but not change.

4. Good/nice
5. Successful
1. That wasn't very cash money of you.

2. He's very cash money
3. We only accept cash money
4. She's pretty cash money herself
5. Gatsby is cash money but like its dirty money
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by 50 shades of shit. July 11, 2019
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