1. Act like a bitch, and shut the hell up, calm down, and do whatever the fuck you are told to do.
2. Used in Prison Slang "bitch up" means to bend over, spread legs, and take the position a female regularly would, in order to proceed in intercourse.
1.I once told my dad to "Bitch up", and he bitch slapped me across the face.
2.One inmate said to antoher, "Leroy, you better bitch-up, you gonna have some lovin' like you aint never had, and sho' 'nough better not fight it, Or i will kick yo' ass."
by Kate-Lynn July 5, 2005
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Get ready to seduce a person in order to get what you want. Pretty much like Barney's "suit up" in HIMYM.
When you're pulled over by a police officer, you bitch up so that he won't give you a ticket.
by Suser April 4, 2011
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wussy; playing like girl; to girly like
Dog you played that just like girl or a wussy.
by Suds January 1, 2005
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Physically and cosmetically damaged. Pitted, scratched, marred up, gouged.
After crashing on the motorcycle John had to get a new helmet because it was all bitched-up.
by Me November 10, 2003
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A statement a girl makes to toughen up another girl when she is acting soft or weak in a given situation.
Jill, I'm hot and tired and I can't go any further. Don't give me that, we got a lot to do and I need your help, you gotta bitch-up and keep going. girl up, woman up, cowgirl up, woman, be strong girl, you go girl, strong, goddess, warrior woman, durable, toughen up, rugged
by joecoolthefool January 31, 2015
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When everything goes to hell. The state where carefully planned situations completely fall apart.
Well, I thought I had a plan but now everything is all bitched up!
by Big Brett the Bomb Threat January 1, 2004
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Once Eric got pussy-whipped by that chick, he bitched-up and she could make him do whatever she wanted.
by shund September 4, 2003
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