A debit/check is a card (made by Visa, Mastercard, and others. Made avaliable to you mostly by banks) That acts very similiar like a credit card, but instead of borrowing money from those greedy bastards, money is automatically deducted right from your checking account instead when you make a purchase. Acts like a cash card.

You need a checking account and cash in your checking account to use a debit/check card. Checking accounts also have a monthly fee.

Visa and Mastercard debit cards can be used to purchase items online. They can also be used with ATM machines to get cash from your checking account.
Debit cards are what teenagers and college students use to pay for World of Warcraft subscriptions.

I got cash from an ATM with my debit card
by Andyboyson January 11, 2006
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Running anything between someone’s ass cheeks like making a purchase at the local shit and get.
Damn baby, i’m About to slide my dick down your crack like my debit card.

My man really gave me the debit card last night.
by Elwipfo November 20, 2017
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Also known as the "check cashin' cawd," this is the only form of payment available to persons who have destroyed their credit history by purchasing far too much alcohol and/or car stereo equipment on their first (and only) credit card. You can spot such persons by either a prominent mullet or lazy eyes caused by excessive crack abuse. The largest concentrations are found on the Eastern Seaboard and reside in Newark, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, and especially Atlanta. All of these persons are in need of rental vehicles as all of theirs are either on blocks or have been repossessed by the state.
"Do y'all take the check cashin' cawd (Debit Card) for yo' rental cars?
by Angry Man October 20, 2003
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the inability to stop using your debit card for frivolous items causing you to go in the hole...repeatedly

spending money just because you have it.
Dan: "Jim spent all of his paycheck on CDs and DVDs, again"

Jill: "Sounds like he has a case of debit card diarrhea"
by crazyrach08 April 23, 2010
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The suspenseful game of trying to buy things with a debit card that has little money left in the account. You win if you have enough money to buy the item; you lose if you find you have "insufficent funds" and cannot buy the item.
John lost his first game of debit-card roulette when he tried to buy ten dollars worth of McDonalds with $4.25 left in his account.
by Lutesy123 June 11, 2012
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the man of the house who is too broke to be a sugar daddy and too fat to be a splenda daddy.
Usually a middle aged man who has married or dating a significant other who is at least ten years younger than he is.
by Mechanic_wiz October 7, 2015
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This is a person who goes to the store and once they pay for their items, the cashier must always tell them to flip their debit card over as they ALWAYS have it facing the wrong way.
That guy ALWAYS has his debit card facing to the left. What a retard eh? I mean, he comes in twice a week and ALWAYS forgets. He must be a debit card retard.
by NakedDebit August 18, 2010
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