A word from a Lil Wayne song: Fireman
When a women is so desperate for some cash she will even eat jizz early in the morning.
Sparkly moaned as Jason came in her mouth at 6 am. As he unloaded Jason screamed CASH MONEY BREAKFAST!
by Cowbull666777 August 23, 2016
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A term used to identify notorious rappers, such as Lil' Wayne and Birdman. The Cash Money Millionaires is an alliance of rappers from New Orleans, Louisiana, that gained fame in the mid 1990s. It basically included anyone that was signed or affiliated with Cash Money Records.
You are not a Cash Money Millionaire unless you are affiliated with Cash Money Records.
by fungal August 31, 2008
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that through which you obtain bling, cars, hypnotiq, etc.
I'm gonna run da club and crush all those hoes when I roll the cash money.
by Gary Coleman September 09, 2003
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A girl named Lexi, that flirts with every one of her “friends” boys. A cash money hoe also fucks every guy on her colleges football team. They also turn ratchet when confronted by her stabbed in the back friends.
There goes that cash money hoe with her third football player of the week
by Insecure bitches October 17, 2019
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Cash Money Breakfast is a line from the song Fireman by lil wayne. The phrase can mean three things:
1. Cash or money
2. Food (normally breakfast but not required to be)
3. Cash and Food
As money
"Guess what broski I just paid my cash money breakfast!"
"Can I barrow some cash money breakfast?"

As food
"Man I'm hungry can I have some cash money breakfast?"
"I'm starving, I'll go make some cash money breakfast, enough to feed a small African nation."

As money and food
Human 1"Hey dude you owe me some cash money breakfast."
Human 2 "Your so right I owe you a sandwich and 5 bucks."
by Cheesecake Henry March 02, 2010
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