Short for cartridge. A marijuana oil cartridge for vaping.
“No, bro, don’t get bud. You should get some carts instead, they’re more discrete.”
by pusiassniga69 May 22, 2018
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When someone farts and sneezes simultaneously, producing a resultant sound that is equivalent to Satan's exorcism. Such release of bodily gas from the butt hole and the mouth hole releases tension in the individual's body but causes great discomfort to those around him.
Joanna carted! Ewwwww
I am sick and I just had beans for lunch. Carted so hard in the bathroom, like Deandra taking a shit.
by pegauniconusus March 17, 2013
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In Monster Hunter, whenever you loose all your health you are taken back to the nearest camp on a cart by a team of palico. Thus, the community term for dying in MH is "Carting."
Cart three times in most quests and you will fail.
by sebacostamr September 14, 2018
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A big joke. it's F1 except in America. who likes open wheeled road course racing anyway? its to foreign. except IRL which is actually exceiting open-wheeled racing.
billy watches cart because he's a commie.
by Elliott Sadler 38 April 24, 2005
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-to greatly exaggerate a bid or an offer in the commodities market
-see pinnochio...
I was short- but had to get out- when I got CARTED by a Dave bid ....
It dumped !!!!!!!!!
by ynkx July 23, 2004
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Was getting a blowjob from Susan last night and I totally carted... she didn't even slow down.
by YouPornJude August 10, 2012
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