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Short for cartridge. A marijuana oil cartridge for vaping.
“No, bro, don’t get bud. You should get some carts instead, they’re more discrete.”
by pusiassniga69 June 08, 2018
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Carts, or a cart, refers to a cartomizer or vape cartridge that contains weed concentrates or “dabs”.

Usually, one cart holds between 1.0 - 1.1 grams of weed concentrate. These carts can be bought in any strain you desire from many different manufacturers. Some more reliable than others.

Benefits of Carts are:
Odor free
Cheaper in the long run

They last a lot longer than herb
You can use them anywhere

Downsides to Carts:
They are somewhat pricey
You don’t know exactly whats in it
You don’t know where they come from
It may have been used before
Break easily
Hard to find in most areas
High chance of getting fake carts
It’s harsh for first time smokers

All in all, carts are a great way to smoke. Clean and effective.
Jay: I’m going to pick up Carts

Ty: Can you get me one too?

Jay: Yeah, but he’s selling for $50 a cart.

Ty: Nevermind, I can find it cheaper somewhere else.
by SpazzMoto September 10, 2019
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A place to put your friends on Black Friday after they have broken several bones getting trampled
I had to cart him to the corner in order to preserve his body for his parents.
by cinimodde December 14, 2016
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The open-wheel series Championship Auto Racing Teams
CART once was the premier indy car series until the president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway started the IRL the Indy Car Series which is more affordable to run in.
by joe c August 27, 2004
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when you fuck a girl in the ass and cum in her and she farts it out all over
Crazy Kate carted all over Beggs
by princess bearyyyyy January 15, 2009
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THE premier US open wheel series, featuring fabulous venues, fantastic drivers, and rocking turbo-charged engines.
I thought if I brought my hammer to work every day, I could kill CART, but instead it is my beloved ego-tripping EARL that is dying.
by Tony George September 29, 2003
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