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The Scout is a playable class in TF2. His main draw is that he has the fastest run speed in the game, can double jump, and counts as two of any other class while capping a point or pushing the cart.

Scout doesn't do very much damage at close range and has very low hp, however, so Scout players usually use his mobility to utilize hit and run tactics, dodge people's attacks, and generally get in people's faces and be an annoying little piece of trash.
Scouts who wear the fast learner/use lime paint/use lennybinds/or use the Force-a-Nature are known as scunts because they are even more annoying than normal scout.

However, if there's a speedy boi running around annoying you and your team, swapping to heavy and equipping the Natascha is an easy way to shut them down.
The Scout is a Speedy Boston Boi who runs fast and gets all the girls.
by sebacostamr May 10, 2019
The worst year in the history of mankind. The year that gave us dabbing, President Trump, and COD Advanced Warfare. Many do not speak of it, wishing not to bring about the horror again.
2016 sucked. 2017 and 2018 aren't much better.
by sebacostamr December 22, 2018
The Great Jagras is the first large monster hunted in Monster Hunter: World. An overlarge Iguana with a fleshy mane, it leads packs of smaller Jagras lizards.

It is one of the weakest monsters in the game and is therefore looked down upon and roasted by much of the community.
At least not as much as its edgy cousin, Great Girros.
I got carted by Great Jagras, and now I cannot play MHW out of shame.
by sebacostamr September 14, 2018
A blessed image is the opposite of a cursed image, i.e something that is cute, wholesome, satisfying or just plain feels right.
I looked at some blessed images when I was having a shit morning and I felt good the rest of the day.
by sebacostamr September 8, 2018
Wrath of The Machine is the final raid added in Destiny. In it, 6 players venture under the Cosmodrome on Earth to put an end to the Archon Prime, Aksis, and his machinations involving the SIVA nanites.
Wrath of The Machine is no VOG, but it's still a raid, after all, and should be treated as such.
by sebacostamr November 13, 2018
Normally used to loudly call out the presence of a thot in the area, this phrase can also be used to call out the appearance of an important or threatening enemy in a PVE game, such as Hunters in the Division or Colossi in Destiny 2.
Agent 1: Ok, next wave, what's coming?
*hunter appears*
Agent 1: Thanks for the callout, I almost got hacked!
by sebacostamr December 24, 2018
The Grand Tour is the successor to Top Gear, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. It is funded by Amazon, and while much like the original Top Gear, it's that much more off-the-walls and immature.

If you enjoy the old Top Gear, watch it.
The Grand Tour is a great show for people who enjoy Top Gear, traveling, cars, or just like seeing people goof around.
by sebacostamr May 5, 2019