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This saying originates from Game of Thrones, where some seasons last for years on end, as a term for those who have not tasted the hardships of winter. Generally used to refer to someone who is inexperienced or does not know the full extent of something, while they thinking they do.
You think Monster Hunter is easy? Oh my Sweet summer child...
by sebacostamr November 24, 2018

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What a weeb or otaku says when he's going to lay you out on the floor and he means it.
If I catch you trying to steal one of my anime figurines again, I'm gonna break your nico nico kneecaps.
by sebacostamr January 06, 2019

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Azur Lane is a gacha based mobile game incorporating some Danmaku elements. It's basically KanColle but actually good. Come for the waifus, stay for the surprisingly deep gameplay.
Anybody who hasn't watched anime to the point that they prefer anime girls over real girls shouldn't play Azur Lane.
by sebacostamr May 17, 2019

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A blessed image is the opposite of a cursed image, i.e something that is cute, wholesome, satisfying or just plain feels right.
I looked at some blessed images when I was having a shit morning and I felt good the rest of the day.
by sebacostamr September 08, 2018

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A phrase that signals an imminent episode of drunken stupidity ending with injury whenever it is said.
I bet you can't jump down from here and land on your feet.
You're on. Hold my beer.

by sebacostamr December 27, 2018

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Like a Yandere, except they don't have emotional attachment. They just enjoy killing and violence.
Roon from Azur Lane is a typical Yangire.
by sebacostamr August 23, 2019

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A sandbox survival/horror game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Subnautica is unique in that the alien world it is set upon is an ocean planet, so the game takes place almost entirely underwater. The player must collect fish for food, scrap and minerals to build tools, vehicles, and habitats, while avoiding hungry wildlife, in order to cure the Kharrar disease and escape Planet 4546B.

A critical part of this experience is that the player character has only a survival knife to use as a weapon, robbing him of the ability to fight back against the aforementioned hungry wildlife. Subnautica wouldn't be as cool and scary as it is without this feature.
If you're not good with horror games and want to play through Subnautica, be sure to have an extra change of pants ready.
by sebacostamr June 29, 2019

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