Is an amazing person and really friendly girl

One of the best friend you'll meet

At times can be abit crazy

Shes beautiful but denies it.
That Carris is amazing
by McLaren14 January 6, 2012
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She looks like she's carrying again. She said she and her husband wanted six children! If indeed she is pregnant, this will be number four!
by talk2me-JCH2 April 28, 2021
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The sexiest girl ever. She could get any guy she wants, but always seems to go for douches who screw her over. A lot of guys dream about what she'd be like in bed. BEST KISSER. Other girls try to be like her, but never can be as amazing as she is. Knows how to pleasure a guy & make him so hard. Beautiful eyes and smile that you can't help but fall in love with. Acts like she's confident and doesn't give a fuck about what anyone says to her, but inside is the sweetest girl with a huge heart. Acts like a player, but when she really likes a guy falls for him and will do anything for him.
Boy 1: damn carrie is so beautiful. id do anythin to be with her
Boy 2: too bad shes with that dickface that treats her like shit
Boy 3: id give the world to be with a girl like carrie
by I Want CARRIE back November 22, 2009
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A girl who constantly has a guy on her side in her life. She's definitely attractive, super hot and sexy, but likes to reject guys often. She's very good at keeping people company, and you get lost in her cute and fun personality that you forget time is passing. She is secretly heartless because she likes to reject guys very often, but when she likes someone, she will give them her everything. But don't fall for her unless you know she likes you back - you could become very hurt.
Dude, who did you say you liked? Carrie? wtf man, i like her too, thot we were boys!

Sorry man, shes too beautiful cant help it
by saygoodbye111 June 29, 2009
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the most loving caring girl you will ever meet. but unless you treat her right you will never get to experience the great feelings and personality that lies within. she is very cute, hot and addorible :") alittle bit un selfconfident bout her looks but always has a friend there to make her feel loved and wanted. once you fall in love with a girl like her and know she feels exactly the same for you, it clicks in your mind and heart that she is the the one that you want to spend the rest of your days with nothing will tear us apart<3 we may have our disaggrements but as i like to say,
"nobody wants pain, everyone wants peace, but you can't have a rainbow without alittle rain"
i love you carrie F&A 6.29.11
who i just described is my one and only love and i will never lose her. when she fell for me i was there to catch her, and i promised to keep her big loving heart safe <3 i will never let her slip through my fingers. I love you Carrie F&A 6.29.11
by IB+CB September 18, 2011
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remember. we were deployed. he wanted to take his life. weapon give in front of everyone. told him to do it or stfu bout it. carry on. ain't no one playin games
by BumStatusYo December 19, 2018
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To be at the top of the scoreboard and have more kills and points then anyone on your team.
XiGoMLz is always Carrying his team in S&D to victory.
by Ryan The God August 10, 2015
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