A very stubborn warm-hearted woman. Beautiful but won’t realize it even after you tell her. With stunning eyes that will catch your attention from a mile away. Funny and loving but if you get on her bad side that’s no luck for you.
Bro have you seen her ?

Who ?
Carrie ! She’s so beautiful and funny
by Who’s this ? July 19, 2018
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hottest girl ever. always hard to get. sassy and classy at the same time. stunning eyes that draws you in. gorgeous and sexy. usually looks for independence and always good at everything.

a dime piece, the realest bitch. never betrays her friends and always keeps her word.
girl 1: jeremy, david, andy and james tried to get at her. they failed miserably
girl 2: get at who?
girl 1: carrieeeee...
by whenigrowup September 1, 2008
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(Note: the girl I'm describing is named Caroline but goes by Carrie)
The sexiest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She loves her friends and would do anything for them. She loves to try new things and has the biggest heart EVER. beware, she won't date you if you ask her out before even knowing her. She's the sweetest person ever. she doesn't necessarily enjoy rejecting guys. Just because she has to do often doesnt mean she enjoys it. It's not her fault every guy falls for her within seconds of talking to her. She makes an awesome best friend, always willing to listen and help you with anything you could possibly need. Her friends mean everything to her, and she loves her boyfriend with all her heart. She will always have your back, and tells you everything. She does tend to be a little flirty without meaning to, so don't ask her out until you're sure she likes you. She prefers to be around guys instead of girls because she thinks girls can be catty abd over dramatic. Her favorite thing to do is just to be with her friends having a good time. She doesn't like chick flicks, so you won't ever be forced to go see a movie you don't want to. She's one of those girls that is always happy. Even if she's having a really bad day, she won't let it bring her down. Always smiling, it's impossible not to love her. She's way too much fun too be around. She often won't believe you when you compliment her. She'll almost always either ignore your comment or brush it off.
Kyle: Hey, did you see Carrie today?
James: Yeah. She the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I talk to her everyday.
Kyle: Lucky!
by Carrie's Admirer February 10, 2014
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Sustaining a consistent level of extra behaviour.
Oh girl you are carrying!”

Please reference Aquaria’s verse in RuPaul’s American.
by Anusthingispossible July 7, 2018
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to be 'told off' or dissed
After a girl tells off a guy, a bystander might say to the dude, "Oh damn, you got carried!!!"
by Cara BG March 14, 2004
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A Carry is a hero in Dota or Dota 2 which is designed to grow stronger with every level. Carry heros are the ones who will "carry" the team with their kills. Other heros take over other functions so as supporter, healer, disabler, stunner and so on.
Dota Carry heros examples : Pudge, Outworld Destroyer, Drow Ranger, Juggernaut, Skeleton King
by Kafka with an AK47 February 22, 2013
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Carri, a woman with much talent, amazing personality, More beautiful than anything in the world, lightens evryone's day, and is never afraid to say what she thinks.
"That woman is definately a Carri"
by Amjid February 5, 2008
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