In Halo 2 and Halo 3, the action of winning on a team slayer game by getting more than 75% of the kills on your team because everyone else on your team sucks.

Usually occurs during matches of Social Slayer.
During the last Team Slayer game, I got stuck with people who've probably never played before, so I had to carry my team to victory, me getting 35 kills.
by Paul Sanderson January 11, 2008
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to insult the reputation or quality of something or someone.

Often used in the rhetorical formulation, "How you wanna carry?" which expresses confidence that the thing/person can't be insulted.

Probably originated in Southeast D.C.
She called you stupid? Man, you got carried.

WD Crew say How You Wanna Carry?

by Yellowcandy November 3, 2005
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to insult, begin to insult
nigga the fuckin teacher carried yo ass today!
by Moe March 6, 2004
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To be made fun of or to insult
I asked him if my outfit was cute and he carried me by asking me if I had gotten my outfit at the sawp meat
by Riese October 27, 2003
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So sexy and smart
The most thoughtful in the room.

Every man’s hope is to be her groom.

With eyes that glow and a smile that wins to be her lover most men would sin.
Nourisher of the panty pyre,
what all women should aspire
She is the definition of love
and everything thing I desire.
It is so Carrie outside
by __db__ April 15, 2019
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The perfect girl, she is hot/beautiful, wants a good relationship, not prude, nice, kind, sweet, loving, caring, funny. She is not afraid to do sexual stuff, and wont just dump you the morning after. In short: every guy's fantasy
"Dude, i think i found my Carrie," Ryan said
"LUCKY, she must be perfect!" Russel replied
by Wizemark September 28, 2010
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