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Belfast insult, cleverly combines the two words dick and face to insinuate that someone has a penis on their face.
what you lookin at dickface?
by Frank Curran March 2, 2005
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Hannah: Charl your such a bloody dickface..
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Shezz; ''what a dickface.''
Suzi; ''i know right!''
by suicideseason September 2, 2008
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To draw humorous/obscene designs on the face of an unconscious individual, usually one who has overindulged in recreational substances.
John drank way too much last Thursday, and we dickfaced him with a laundry pen. It still says "Free Mustache Rides" on his forehead.
by Will January 14, 2004
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a deroggatory term, similar to asshole, used in great anger. It's not used to literally suggest that someone's face looks like a penis, but rather just an angry exclamation.
Boy: *grabs Girl's butt*
Girl: Ack! You dickface!
by Katani March 9, 2005
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What chef Ramsay will call you when you bring a chewed up bit of dog food to the pass and screw up Ben's special.
Gordon: Is that a chewed up bit of chicken from the dog? Here. That's your special. Yeah, have a word with him, yeah? He's given up. Your special has now become not very special thanks to dickface there. Hurry up, Giovanni!
Giovanni: Yeah, but I'm not dickface, chef.
Gordon: Yeah, say that again?!
Giovanni: I said I'm not dickface, chef!
Gordon: Yeah, you're pissed, are you? Not as fucking- Look at me, LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES!! NOT AS PISSED AS I AM!! YOU FUCKIN' ARE!! DONKEY!!
Giovanni: No.
Gordon: Because right now, I don't give a fuck! DICKFACE!
Gordon: You're sending shit, and you're trying to get away with it! Now I'm ready for an argument! SENDING ME THAT, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!
Gordon: And you want to get all sensitive! You want to get all fucking negative!
Giovanni: No, chef!
Gordon: Look at me, look at me, you send me shit like that, take your jacket and FUCK OFF!
Giovanni: Yes, chef!
Gordon: I'm not sending that shit, "chef!"
Giovanni: No, chef. Sorry, chef.

Gordon: That's the well done one. And look at me, I think you're too fucked to get upset with me, you don't give a fuck what I call you. This is not personal, this is professional! That personal was a piece of shit, now pull it back!!
Giovanni: Yes, chef.
by its raw you donkey! September 8, 2020
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dickface:OMFGZ i pwned U.
Person: Umm no i don't think so.
dickface:Pwnt nubz0rZ
Person:stfu you dickface 12 year old noob.
by SomeNoob February 19, 2005
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