Sellin narcotics(weed,coke,x,pcp, all dat shiitt)
yo kid, ever since i started pushin i got madd doe.
by PiNkY April 12, 2004
You started Slangin?
-Nah fool, I'm pushin'.
by theo March 9, 2004
To drive a car, usually in reference to a nice car, or whip.
Yeah man, I've been pushin this whip all day.
by SuspectZer0 February 1, 2005
Cuz I wanna be on 106 and Park pushin a Benz
by Keith Traweek March 17, 2005
Drivin a vehicle, a.k.a. a ride or whip.
"Wanna be at 106 and Park pushin a Benz"
by JaayDub April 26, 2007
Understeer, as related to a vehicle. Vehicle wants to keep going straight instead of turning.
I couldn't hang down low in turn one, 'cause it was pushin' so bad.
by Little Johnny June 16, 2004
To ride in your whip with the seat back pushed back so your head and face are covered by the end of the door
I was pushin so the cops couldn't see my head Yo
by 5-0 TWEEK August 27, 2006