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Sustaining a consistent level of extra behaviour.
Oh girl you are carrying!”

Please reference Aquaria’s verse in RuPaul’s American.
by Anusthingispossible July 07, 2018
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To be at the top of the scoreboard and have more kills and points then anyone on your team.
XiGoMLz is always Carrying his team in S&D to victory.
by Ryan The God September 14, 2015
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someone is "carrying" when they have a weapon, in most cases a gun, on their person. it is normaly only applied to a weapon that has been concealed.

unlike packing heat, strapped up and simmilar phrases, carrying is commonly used by gun users who may not use the more "street" terms.
person 1: hey, you got you're pistol on you?
person 2: yep, I'm carrying.
by phaserrifle March 22, 2009
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