A small liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. Known for its high academic standards, Carleton is ranked as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation and hands down the best college in Minnesota. The students are extremely friendly, outgoing, and genuinely nerdy, but by no means are they considered prudes.
Student #1: I'm going to Carleton!! Am I awesome, or what?!

Student #2: Nice! Do you know any smart people going to St. Olaf?

Student #1: Nope.
by crltn15 September 23, 2011
a beautiful nature; a god with amazing versatilities and attributes; an immortal with unlimited intangibles
There is NOTHING a Carleton cannot do!
by Ciatrick October 23, 2006
This is a major university in Ottawa, Ontario which is the capital city of Ontario, Canada.
It is known for its extremely awesome social scene and its rivalry with OttawaU (University of Ottawa) which is the other major university in ottawa.
Rumours about Carletons failing education system, created by jealous OttawaU students because of the its cool scene are false!!
Carleton is the perfect university where school meets fun, sometimes the lines get a little blurry but CARLETON ROCKS!!!!!
First person: 'I need some fun in my life'

Second Person: 'Find some Carleton students, they can create fun out of virtually nothing!!!'
by bosshunnay December 7, 2010
A third-rate Canadian University in a third rate City (Ottawa).

A common joke about Carleton is that the "K" stands for "Quality".

Explanation: The hard "C" in "Carleton" sounds like a "K", which also sounds like the hard "Q" in "Quality", point being Carleton grads can't even spell.
Q: "Where did you go to University?"

A: "I didn't, I went to Carleton"
by CarletonGrad February 28, 2010
when your parents specifically hold you back in school, with the intent of growing up to children of your own age.
"No, he didn't fail- his dad just carleton'd him"
by Cheese Dog December 10, 2007
A small country town in Ontario. Sandwiched between Almonte, Smiths Falls and Ottawa. Possibly the most racist, homophobic town. No variety. Just white, Catholic, rich, conservative folk. The teenagers are all druggies and the adults are all losers who never made it out of the small town. At least they have tailgate parties.
"I'm a closeminded hick whos dream of leaving this stupid town never came true."

"So you're from Carleton Place?"
by CPperson October 1, 2014
The best fucken school in Ontario;
Best Politics program in Canada,

and in the most amaizing city in the WORLD!

Also: Rival school = U of Ottawa.
Carleton University chant:

There's a hole in the city, and its name is Ottawa U // And if you're dull and boring, then it's the place for you // And if you're into concrete, and ugly buildings too // Then welcome to Ottawa U


Fuck you, Ottawa U! // Fuck you, Ottawa U! // En francais, c'est fuckez vous! // Ottawa U // So fuck you, Ottawa U!

by Ravens! March 4, 2009