The capital of Canada. Home of the federal government and a great place if you want a job that doesnt require you to do any work. Sadly lacking in variety in entertainment, although it is home to a quality NHL team, the Ottawa Senators, as well as the Ottawa 67's OHL team. Ottawa is also home to the Tulip Festival and Winterlude, where you can pick up a Beavertail, the best food in the world. The city has a population of 774,072, fourth largest in Canada, but does not suffer from pollution to the same extent other major cities do.
Sundin: I wish played for the Senators so I could live in Ottawa and eat Beavertails.
by ~MilkMan February 26, 2006
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So boring alll they do is go to Bayshore and go to their friends crib
Yo fam tryna link at Bayshore and get all the Ottawa shordies
by Heejjeebehe October 9, 2020
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The capital of Canada and home for alot of Somalians and Lebanese.
I live in Ottawa.
by Hussein January 26, 2004
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Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The population of the city is 820,000. Ottawa is a city that has seen massive growth in every sector in the last 15 years. It is a clean, beautiful city and attracts tourists all year around. Home to many museums, the Peace Tower and Parliament Hill, the finest restaurants and plenty of trendy bars, clubs and eateries in the Byward Market.

Also, the home to two casinos, the best gentlemen's clubs where you can put your hands all over the merchandise, an NHL franchise in the Ottawa Senators and a significant population of French-Canadians and Somalians. Low violent crime rate and easy to get around.

I rate Ottawa as the second coolest city in the country after Calgary. This is a city on the rise; being just a sleepy government town isn't what it is any longer.

Oh yeah, nasty winters with snow and ice but people love that kind of weather and they need it for the Rideau Canal (longest skating rink in the world) and Winterlude.

So Ottawa is fine. It just isn't Las Vegas...although you could pretend!
I lived in Ottawa for 31 years. Fine city. It beats Las Vegas in several regards.
by Marshall Rousso September 13, 2006
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The best hockey team in the NHL!
R.L: Did you see that hockey game againts Toronto?
M.T: Yeah, Ottawa kicked T.O's ass. It was like 8-0!
by R.L January 9, 2006
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You know our city is boring when we talk about our NHL hockey team on Urban Dictionary.
Rick: Wow, I'm going to go see an Ottawa Senators game tonight!

Ed: Yeah, but did you know that the Ottawa Senators haven't won a stanley cup since 1927, and there is likely no chance that they will be winning any time soon so there is little to no point in supporting that team? Do you also realize that no one on the Ottawa Senators team is actually from Ottawa and that there are players from Toronto and the United States so how can you really call it your team? Did I also mention that hockey is one of the least popular sports in the world where it failed to compete with the top three most popular sports in the United States yet there are some people who make hockey such a big deal even though Canada is the only country where it is somewhat popular? Not only that but when you are going to a hockey game you are supporting a corrupt system where hockey players are allowed to make 250 thousand to 10 million dollars compared to scientists who are trying find the cure for cancer only making a mere 20 thousand dollars on minimum wage. Not only that, but a hockey university scholarship can get you 100 thousand dollars but the aspiring cancer researcher is left to pay up to 40 thousand dollars in student debt. How is that for fair? And let's talk about those kids that want to become hockey players instead of the next nobel prize winner? No wonder Canada is losing the race to become a main player on the global stage!

Rick: Wow, I'm going to go see an Ottawa Senators game tonight!
by ottawaistupid October 6, 2010
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Ottawa is boring.
Nancy: I am so tired, I haven't slept well in weeks, this constant excitement is wearing me down!

Frank: Have you tried moving to Ottawa?
by Ralph Malph February 5, 2004
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