A _psychedelic_ _punk_ band you probably have never heard about.

_Cardiacs_ were an English _rock_ band formed in 1977, originally as Cardiac Arrest, led by Tim Smith. Noted for their complex, varied and intense _compositional_ style and for their eccentric, theatrical stage shows, they have been hailed as an influence by bands as diverse as Blur, Faith No More and Napalm Death.

_Cardiacs_ released eight _studio_ albums plus a number of live albums, _compilation_ albums and _singles_ between 1980 and 2007, and are best known for the 1988 minor hit single "Is This the Life?" They are also noted for _attracting_ strongly _diverse_ responses: they remained one of Britain's leading cult rock bands during their four-decade-spanning career, but also attracted virulent critical attack (including a lengthy editorial ban from the British music magazine New Musical Express). Cardiacs were placed on indefinite hiatus following the 2008 hospitalisation of Tim Smith, after a cardiopulmonary arrest which subsequently led him to develop the rare neurological disorder _dystonia_. Smith continued to receive medical _treatment_ and _rehabilitation_, before his death in July 2020.
Man: aye _kid_! You know _Cardiacs_, right?
Kid: no??
Man: then you have no _taste_.
by 🕷 grunger 🕷 September 13, 2020
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A mysterious being that keeps arresting people.
Guy 1: Hey the other guy there died of cardiac arrest
Guy 2: Oh my god can that guy stop arresting people
by personinsidethemachine January 14, 2021
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Cardiac Hill, the end of all good xc runners on long island. if you can run up cardiac, u must be god. it composes of three steep parts, seperated by two parts that arnt as steep. of course, there are sand pits in the non steep parts, including the foot of the hill. in the steeper parts, there are rocks and roots. finally, when you reach the top, you still have one mile of the race left...isn't that great?
"hey, howcome u didnt finish the race today?"
"i ran up cardiac hill."
".....ur crazy."
by classified..... October 10, 2005
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A very serious medical emergency, where the circulation of the blood stops due to your heart stopping. This lack of oxygen being pumped through vital organs such as the brain through the blood cells results in loss of consciousness.

If left too long to be treated, the person suffering caridac arrest will soon die. Immediate treatment usually results in a recovery. Such treatment includes CPR and Defibrillation.

Symptoms can include fatigue, breathlessness, fainting and a nearly undetectable pulse.
1. The doctor's face looked grim as he turned to the wife of the recently deceased man to break the news that he had died from Cardiac Arrest.

2. After suffering dizzyness, the man collapsed; he was going into Cardiac Arrest.
by YourDadSellsAvon April 10, 2016
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A title given to any sports team that displays a tendency to pick up nail-biting victories.
After edging San Diego on a last-minute 2-point conversion, the Denver Broncos look to be this year's Cardiac Kids.
by brentman87 September 21, 2008
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Running from one airport gate to another in a nearly hopeless attempt to catch a flight. The cardiac dash is almost always done dragging along carry on baggage and is frequently performed by an overweight passenger who's only other exercise is masterbating to porn when the wife goes to bed. A successful cardiac dash ends with the passenger making the flight and not being shipped back home in a body bag.
Fuck, I'm going to have to do the cardiac dash between johnson gates.
by RealTailDragger November 8, 2010
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Walking into an AP Class and realizing you didn't study for the test or do an assignment
I went under cardiac arrest today when I remembered about the AP World History test
by ThatOneGingerChick February 5, 2015
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